Accommodation Strategy

Quadpro are enthusiastic developers of accommodation strategies for education clients.  We have a knowledge base which allows us to understand the property needs of an organisation from its finances and space requirements to its day to day maintenance strategy and everything in between.

Often we can utilise the data held in one of our software systems to inform the strategic decision making required to manage an estate, alternatively we can help an organisation collect and analyse the information and set up a data library to hold it.  Utilising our knowledge gained from many other commissions we can benchmark your buildings' performance in many areas such as cost in use, space efficiency and condition and maintenance requirements to develop a robust plan for the proper management of the estate going forward.

Armed with an accommodation strategy, we can help you and managers from all the areas of the organisation develop a plan for the efficient utilisation of your third most important asset, staff, finance and PROPERTY.  


Give us a call to discuss how we can get started and assist you to maximise the benefit from your estate whilst minimising its cost in resources and make it a key asset in your marketing.

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