Planned Maintenance

Key benefits:

  • Easy survey capture using Quadpro App

  • Reference photographs of work items and building elements

  • Integrated Schedule of Rates

  • Automatic generation of a 30yr planned maintenance program

  • Tabular and graphical outputs

  • Easy export to excel

  • Linked to a project management module


The Quadpro Planned Maintenance module enables users to capture a condition survey and use it to automatically develop a building by building planned maintenance profile for each element (eg. roofs, windows, external walls, M&E services etc). If the Quadpro survey App is utilised to collect the data using a tablet or smartphone then photographs of the elements and works required can be attached to the planned maintenance profile.


Quadpro includes a pre-installed schedule of rates that can be tailored to suit your specific site requirements. The schedule includes costs and life cycles dependent on materials (eg for clay tile roofs, slate roofs etc) for all major building elements. It includes the life span, replacement year and also spot items to ensure you do not miss any necessary maintenance.


With the survey information input the plan can be viewed as tables and charts to see the predicted future expenditure for up to 30 years or more hence.  Analysis can be by combinations of element, building, work type and year.


The planned maintenance programme of work can by managed year on year utilising Quadpro and as elements of buildings are repaired or replaced the updated future maintenance profile can be created automatically.


A key benefit of the Planned Maintenance module is the linked Projects feature. From redecorating a single room to building an entirely new block, the module gives you the capability to plan and track projects from start to finish by grouping maintenance items from the survey and setting milestones and stages you need to monitor for the project.  Project budgets and associated Works Orders can be tracked and full document management is available to track briefs, specification, meeting minutes and contract documents associated with the work.

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