Health and Safety and Compliance Management

Health and Safety is a very important part of your site's management. From the safety of your operatives undertaking their tasks to the maintenance of asbestos contaminated areas.

Each Space has the ability to be marked with a present risk. This useful took makes it quick and simple for operatives and contractors to be made aware of those risks before they start work.

RAG Marker System

Overdue Compliance Review

Compliance Due in next 60 days

More than 60 days until review

Create up to 10 Compliance categories for your buildings, then manage them from one central database.


Using our RAG (Red, Amber Green) system, the tracking of compliance categories is quick, simple and effective.


Just enter the review date, and the colours will reflect their current status. Once a compliance category is up for review, you can upload relevant documents and safely store them with Quadpro.

Asset Compliance

Asset Compliance is simple to manage with Quadpro. Each asset can have Automatic Asset Maintenance Jobs set up in advance and will activate at your chosen time to alert operatives of the upcoming work.

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