Estates Manager

How the System can benefit different users

Assisting the Estates Manager

An estates manager wants “easy access to information and reports and to be able to analyse the information to see how the Estate and team is performing and its future needs”


Quadpro provides easy access to estates information and documents with one click on a building hotspot


Quadpro has modules for Job Requests, Works Orders and budgets, H&S compliance, Schedule of rates, planned maintenance future needs and projects; all with simple reporting and the ability to download information to excel for more in depth analysis

Quadpro has the ability to export all information relating to Job Requests, Work Orders, Budgets and many other features.

If the estates manager would like to see how productive the maintenance team are, all they need to do is, select the data they want i.e , Job Requests.


Simply select print and this data will be exported to a specified excel report.

Data and Analysis Reports

Quadpro Dashboards are a powerful modules to add to your data review process. They allow you to view very specific data as often as you need to without the need to export individual data modules.


These can be viewed daily by the simple click of a button from the Quadpro home screen , allowing members of staff to gather useful information, fast.

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