Job Requests


Key benefits:

  • Requests can be placed via web browser or phone on wifi network

  • Easily customisable menu for Job types and problems

  • Requestors have Access to floor plans for reference

  • Automatic email notification of incoming requests

  • Requestor receives updates as order is processed

  • Operatives receive jobs by email or App

  • Automatic feedback for completed Job

  • Linked KPI data available for team performance


Quadpro’s job request module offers a fast, powerful way of integrating your maintenance and staff communications.  Using our Web Portal feature available on web or phone, a customised set of drop down fields can be populated with a request by staff and transmitted to the maintenance team.

Quadpro allows your site to have customisable fields specific to your requirements, such as dedicated priorities, list of issues and who they can be assigned to.  Requestors can also see floor plans for reference if needed to locate a problem.

Jobs can be allocated to teams, individuals or used to create linked Works Orders to be sent to contractors and suppliers.  Sometimes when a fault report is made, it can become lost or forgotten. With Quadpro your tracking of Job requests is enhanced including automatic email reminders and notifications should any additional measures be needed.


Managers can keep a check on team performance using built in KPI reports and linked excel dashboards.

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