Building Maintenance Operative

How the System can benefit different users

Assisting Operatives with their work

An operative would say “provide me with the information to do the repair and don't give me extra paperwork to fill in”.

Quadpro enables jobs to be allocated and sent to operatives by email and online, operatives can access risk and hazard information

Quadpro allows operatives to report jobs complete and time taken for task and respond direct to the system with no paperwork.

To allow operatives to be more productive and to save them from filling out numerous risk assessments and safety forms when responding to a request, Quadpro includes the following aspects:

Pre determined risk markers for all spaces which are reflected on all job requests.

A site specific list of all risks can be uploaded to Quadpro and selected when necessary – so your operatives don’t have to!

Direct emails to operatives can greatly assist your operatives. The emails are created straight away once a Job Request has been submitted by a member of staff.

When the request is viewed in the Quadpro system, operatives can view the present or potential risks by checking the references and risks chosen from the pre defined list.

Through additional modules, operatives can receive Job Requests via the Quadpro Plus on their Mobile Device.

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