Quadpro Base

Quadpro Base

  1. New Interface

  2. New Risk Marker in Email and Portal View

  3. Job Type Dropdown Integration

  4. New Improved Email Formats

The Quadpro Base Job Request portal allows you and your colleagues to seamlessly log important requests.


We have expanded the capability of the current system to mobile platforms - allowing all users to easily use the system to log requests. no matter where they are located on site.​

Improved risk markers allow operatives to see any risks associated with the Job or Space. 

New and improved email formats give users clean and concise information.

The Quadpro Base version is provided as a free upgrade to ALL current users of Quadpro. All new users will receive this with their system.

If you have not yet had a free upgrade, contact help@quadpro.com to schedule this.

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