Building Users

How the System can benefit different users

The Building User - 

Submitting a Job Request:

A building user would say “make it easy to request a repair and then keep me informed of what’s happening”

Quadpro enables the addition of requests complete with sketch or photo from smartphone/tablet and PC via a quick and easy web interface.

Quadpro provides email updates and request list reviews of progress direct to the building user.

In only a few minutes, staff can submit their issues directly to the operatives Jobs list.


Our detailed list entry system ensures that precise information can be entered to help operatives complete their work safely, quickly and efficiently.


Ranging from the type of issue, location and safety risks, all aspects can be entered in one dialog window and received directly by the maintenance team at your sites.

These can also be assigned to different team members depending on their expertise.

Using unique Quadpro system data, all Site, Building and Space records can be accessed including Building Plans to help staff identify their location much easier.

Staff receive confirmation and updates relating to their Job Request.

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