Survey App

Survey your site from the palm of your hand!

Quadpro's Survey App is a key tool in surveying and managing your spaces, buildings and sites. From your mobile or tablet device, easily take detailed survey information in minutes! 

The app categories buildings in a simple way and allows you quick access to each survey area Within your site.

Included, is an up to date Schedule of Rates for most building elements.  It includes a life cycle for the element a periodic inspection /test regime and costs associated with both. 

All information entered within the app can be exported to data tables and on to the desktop system for further data integration.

With  a quick set up process and installation guides , you and your team will be able to survey your site in no time.


Scroll through the process below and the app itself here.

Your home screen will display listed buildings and can be quickly accessed via the red geo tags.

Comprehensive site information is displayed in the site tab along with all buildings under each assigned site.

Each building will have a contact which can easily be reached via the telephone and message icon.

All spaces are coded and identified by name along with the relevant building plans

The three images below outline the simple steps and drop down lists that are used to select survey information. You can even take photos and draw sketches for use on desktop systems.

All that needs to be done is a description, element and attribute selection. Choose the condition of the item and highlight the replacement year.

If a spot fix is needed, simply take a photo via the app and that information is stored.

Steps to Survey Success

Once a survey has taken place, this information can then be exported from the app into your desktop system for use in collaboration with the budgets and planned maintenance modules.

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