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Upcoming Features

Outlined below are three new features we are adding to the Quadpro system in 2021. For further information on any of these, please contact a member of the team via email.


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Custom Forms for your H&S Processes

Quadpro Forms will be an additional module in the Quadpro Estates Management System. Quadpro already has the ability to set up maintenance profiles for assets such as boiler plant, external fabric maintenance, and other regularly maintained assets. These profiles can be used to generate job requests at specified dates which are then distributed to operatives via emails and the Quadpro web portal.

Accident Log

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Log, Action and Prevent

Two extra features integrated into the Quadpro Forms module are a document library of Health & Safety guidance along with an additional portal where accident reports can be added by staff. Utilising the documents feature, Managers can add and edit important documents in the library for staff members to consult through a shortcut on the Web Portal. Accident Logs can be viewed in the desktop interface and any remedial actioncan be initiated in response.

Stock App

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Organise your Inventory

We have now created a powerful stock app which you can use to itemise your site materials, and track their levels and how much are being withdrawn for use – or replenished.

This feature also links in with your Job Requests modules allowing you to directly relating items to specific Job Requests.

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