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Budget Management

Create and Track your budgets in each financial year

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Easy to Manage Budget Module

The Quadpro Budgets module has been designed with control in mind. There are two categories - Head Budgets and Sub Budgets. Each head budget can have a collection of smaller categories called sub budgets

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Easy to Create Main and Sub Budgets

By creating a Main Budget and Sub Budget, you can manage your finances by department, trade, site, or even in tandem with your accounts procedures.

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Track Every Spend

Every transaction made using Works Orders in the Quadpro system will reflect in any selected budgets. All Works Orders are then displayed underneath their relative budget for ease of use. These figures update live in the system with every cost added.

Collating Data

Set Spending Limits

Spending limits can be set in place for each sub-budget to aid in the management control of finances. The feature extends to the supplier module where each company can have a maximum contract and maximum spend limit allocated to them.

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Warning Markers

Alerts when a Works Order is about to be raised, to give a preview of how much money is remaining in the chosen budget/sub budget.

Financial Analyst

Export to Sage

Directly link your Quadpro Budget Data with your SAGE account and get the information you need - quickly.

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