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System Add-Ons

Quadpro has a variety of add ons that can be used in conjunction with the main Quadpro desktop system modules as well as the Quadpro Web Portal. Take a look at these features below to find out how these can benefit you and your team. 

Integrated Web Portal Calendar

Resource-Calendar (1).gif

Our Web Portal Calendar is an important tool in your estates management arsenal. With the capability to create individual workloads for teams and operatives, you can easily track what is going on.

Mobile Survey App

Quadpro App IMG.png

Surveying made simple! Use our app to gather all of that important information about your spaces and buildings, then when you are finished simply import into Quadpro for data reports.

Works Order Email Module


Send Works Orders by email direct to a supplier. This functionality requires the installation of an add-on module.

Quadpro Data Dashboards

Startup Development Team

Our dashboards assist you to review performance and targets based on the live data in your system. Whether its planning next years budgets or determining where improvements in processes and performance are to be made.


Invoice Module

Log, Approve, Manage and Integrate your invoices between your finance system and Quadpro.

With Quadpro’s Invoice Integration Module, we have created a comprehensive way to manage your invoice payments and approvals via the Quadpro Web Portal. The Invoice Module is compatible with the SAGE, PASS and iFinance packages and provides you with the ability to create and approve invoices directly from the Quadpro Web Portal module.

Dishwasher Repair

Quadpro Forms

Quadpro forms is an additional module that ties into your current Quadpro system. This module provides the capability to create:

-          Custom Questions

-          Custom Checklists

-          Custom Compliance Requirements

Utilising these features, you can assess your compliance related assets from your mobile and desktop devices. All information is then stored in your Quadpro system and can be exported into presentable display documents in case of audit or review.

Data Cloud

Cloud Hosting

Quadpro can be hosted in the cloud via our safe and secure servers.

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