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Quadpro Survey App

The Quadpro Survey App is designed to make the process of capturing, managing and preparing a long term planned maintenance programme for your site much more efficient.

By entering your sites’ data directly into the App, it will be linked to your desktop Quadpro system and will avoid the need for manual re-entry.

Features included in the App are outlined below.

Survey Entire Buildings

Identify, Track and Fix Items

Create and Import Maintenance Plans

Elements & Schedule of Rates Library

Image Capture for Spot Fixes

Mobile and Desktop Access


Building Details

All building information exported from your Quadpro system data will appear in the App and spaces can be amended or added through the App and imported to update in your desktop Quadpro. All plans relating to a building can be viewed here.

Image by Robin Joshua

Survey Items

The surveying feature is a powerful tool in your estates management arsenal. With all of your property data on hand, you can update a survey record in just a few seconds.

Spot Items, such as a broken tile or damaged downpipe) can be identified and noted here in addition to planned maintenance items allowing you to quickly survey all buildings and survey items – saving you lots of time copying the data into a spreadsheet.


Key Space & Room Information

You can amend an existing space or add a new one from the Space Screen. Each space is labelled as it is on the desktop version and can be easily accessed from the app. Survey Items relating directly to each space can be viewed and changed during a survey.

Survey Img.png

View Building Plans

As with the Quadpro Desktop program, you have the ability to quickly view Building Plans whilst on the go.

Other Platforms


Desktop System

Web Portal Mobile Image.jpg

Web Portal

Man Hands On Keyboard
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