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Quadpro Cloud Hosting

Optional Feature

Quadpro Cloud allows you to work from any desktop or laptop device. This fantastic feature can assist in keeping your establishment moving forward during these unprecedented times.

Transferring to our hosted solution is quick and easy and allows us to provide an even greater level of customer support.

With added security features to give you peace of mind over your data.

In addition, our cloud hosted servers provide a way to kick start your communications between requestor and estates teams. 

Data Cloud

Important Points

  • Secure Access: Only those who have been set up via Quadpro can access the server and system.

  • Enhanced Customer Support: We are able to provide faster support and training to you and your staff

  • Safe and Secure Document Transfer: Upload and Transfer your documents between Quadpro and your PC.

  • Remote Working: In the current climate, we understand the need to be able to work from home or elsewhere to assist with the current government guidelines.

  • IP restricted access to allow only pre-approved users into the system. 

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