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Invoice Approval Module

Integrate your Quadpro invoices with your external finance systems.

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With Quadpro’s Invoice Integration Module, we have created a comprehensive way to manage your invoice payments and approvals via the Quadpro Web Portal. The Invoice Module is compatible with the SAGE, PASS and iFinance packages and provides you with the ability to create and approve invoices directly from the Quadpro Web Portal module.

Invoice Module: Features

Two Step Approval Process

We integrated a two-step approval process into this module, ensure that you can monitor each invoice and follow your organisation's procedures.

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Tracking Payments

Linking directly in to your Works Order module, you can keep track of all invoices paid into the Quadpro system and any related information from First to Final payment.

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File Storage

Any documents uploaded with the invoice are automatically stored in your system alongside the invoice record.

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Why choose the Invoice Module?

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Our invoice module provides estates managers with the ability to create and track invoices in the Quadpro system. We understood from how our clients work that approving invoices can take longer than expected due to waiting for colleages to respond to your email or directly contact you to finalise this. We sought to reduce the time it takes for creating, approving and managing invoices by building a link between your finance package and Quadpro.

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Improves Productivity

Avoid the need to enter invoices twice as the information is shared between Quadpro and your finance system upon export.

Spend less time waiting for approvals and upload them for approval. Once a manager has approved the invoice, it will update in the system automatically and reflect budget changes.

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Viewing Invoices

This module provides approved invoice module users the ability to see all unapproved invoices in one, easy to access location.

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Email Notification for Approvals

When invoices are requiring approval, an email is sent out to the relevant user advising them of the invoice details and that is it ready to be approved and signed off.

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Contact us for a Demo of the Quadpro System

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