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Compliance Module

Our comprehensive Compliance Module assists you in tracking and managing important compliance-related assets, documents, and repairs.

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Simple Compliance Tracking

Mark every single building and area in your premises and check them regularly to ensure that they are in compliance with regulations. These records can be customized to suit your needs.


Compliance Categories

Using our customization feature, you can add any compliance category to Quadpro. Each compliance category is then set a ‘due date’ for which are view and renewal is needed. We have used traffic light markers in this feature to make it easy to locate those areas that need attention.

Alert Markers

Our traffic light markers indicate when a review is needed, due or if a supplier/contractor is compliant in that category.

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Collating Data

Document Management

All documents such as safety statements, contracts, checklists or photographs relating to each compliance category can be stored within the documents tab. A secure folder is created within the Quadpro data library where these files can be accessed with ease when required.

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