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Quadpro Data Reporting

Quadpro has a variety of methods which assist you in producing data reports on your site. These range from excel exports to comprehensive pivot table reports.

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Data Reporting

We believe data reporting is a vital tool in the management of estates processes. These allow you to determine how operatives are performing, where your costs are incurred the most, and which areas require attention.


Excel Exports

All Quadpro Modules allow you to export data into excel spreadsheet tables where you can have a quick glance at statistics , costs or performance.

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Web Portal Reports

Our Web Portal Data reports provide a monthly look in on all Job Requests. These reports produce detailed charts on the completion of Job Requests, their location and how many are currently outstanding.

Collating Data

Dynamic Data Dashboards

Our set of data dashboards generate quick and detailed site reports on the following categories:

Job Requests

Works Orders

Planned Maintenance



These dashboards assist you to review performance and targets based on the live data in your system. Whether it's planning next year's budgets or determining where improvements in processes and performance are to be made. The dashboards are perfect for quick data requirements - such as audits.

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