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Property Management

Create detailed records for your Site, Building, and Spaces for comprehensive information management.

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Detail your Estate

Quadpro deploys a three tier system to manage property. Starting off with Sites, you can then categorize your buildings within each Site and then Spaces under each Building.


Property Documentation

Detail your building information in one easy-to-use form. By using Quadpro's building record feature you can keep vital information in one place. Each Building record also comes with the option to store building plans, compliance records and track Job Requests and financial expenditure relative to that building.

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Space and Area Management

Detail each building room and area in our Space Management Module. Keep a record of important space information such as dimensions, wall finishes and space use. This information is vital for surveying and maintenance purposes and can be brought up when needed.

Collating Data

Property Compliance

Each property will have different types of compliance categories that apply to them based upon requirements. Up to ten custom categories can be added or made active. These categories use our Traffic Light Marker system to help manage and identify when action is needed.

Collating Data


Using our documentation module, store all important documents relative to your Site, Building and Spaces in one easy to use documents tab.

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