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Forms: Why you should digitise your compliance strategies

Compliance has a variety of applicable categories and is used almost everywhere in your organisation. Whether it's your regular safety check before using the mini bus on a trip, a monthly Fire Equipment test or an Asset's annual safety review, they all come under Compliance.

Compliance is often managed using vast spreadsheets coupled up with printed checklists that end up in a folder tucked away amongst the hundreds of others completed over the years. We noticed that there was a need to create a process that was easier to create, use less materials and slash the time spent on administration.

Quadpro Forms is our latest module, and it provides a completely customisable approach to a checklist based Compliance system.

How does it work?

All you need to do is set up your sectors, form names and questions once. This could be a regular sanitary check for restrooms, weekly fire alarm tests or a one off check requested by staff.

If a check needs to be done on a regular basis, you can configure the frequency and referred to user using our scheduler feature. It will then appear as configured, every time it is needed - such as every week for the next three years. After a check has been created and assigned, the only step required next is for the operative to complete the tasks when it appears in their workload.

How does it help me and my team?

With a lot of work delayed or cancelled during the pandemic, we are now seeing an influx of work for operatives and estates departments as the UK has opened up again. Quadpro Forms brings digital versatility to your Compliance process. Once Forms is set up and running, your team can action and complete each record from their mobile device - making your team more efficient and reducing the need for piles of paperwork.

The best part is that your compliance status markers instantly update to reflect the action taken. Any failed Checks can be put right through linked remedial Job Requests.

What do I need?

Quadpro Forms is an additional module which ties in to the current compliance module in your Quadpro system. Working in tandem alongside Building and Asset Maintenance, Forms utilises the same RAG (Red, Amber, Green) Marker system to help you identify what needs actioning.

Please contact us for pricing, installation and training costs for Quadpro Forms.

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