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Quadpro Stock

The Quadpro Stock App is a standalone stock and inventory management system which can be used on mobile or desktop platforms. Aspects of the stock app also link directly to your main Quadpro system to assist with data reports and tracking works.

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Log and Track Stock Items

The Stock App provides a real time stock level and audit trail on all stock items logged within the system. Using the system Stock in/out feature you can ensure that a record is kept of when changes to the items stock level is made. You can even utilise our built in barcode scanner to track and update items.

Directly Order from Suppliers

When a stock item is low, you can press the send email button to contact the supplier of that item and inform then that you would like to raise a purchase order for that specific item.

Quick and Simple to Use

Quadpro's Stock App allows you to catalogue and manage the ingoing and outgoing stock items within your inventory. This can range from the special light bulbs used in your offices or PPE items used daily.

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Organise your Inventory

Quadpro Stock enables you the ability to quickly create records for your stock items. Just enter the basic information about that item - such as cost, supplier and quantity and you are good to go.


Utilising the in-app barcode scanner, you can create unique barcode identifiers for each stock item or register existing codes.

Inventory Records

Keep a detailed record of your items and know exactly what you have, the amount, and the price.

Outgoing and Ingoing Stock

Keep a firm eye on what stock items are being used up and what ones you have left. With the click of a button you can either replenish or withdraw items from your inventory.

Supplier Management

Directly Manage where your items come from using the suppliers feature. This allows you to set up quick orders when an item is running low, or for when you have regular scheduled needs for stock replenishment.

Important Notifications

The Quadpro Stock App sends out important notifications when an item is low in quantity, being reordered or if stock has been amended.


Export detailed reports on your Stock changes for use with determining your budgets for each financial year, or adjust contracts with suppliers.

Data Link

Inventory Items and their associated Job Requests can be directly linked to Quadpro created Job Requests. Useful for keeping track of work-related stock changes and costs.

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