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Surveying Module

Quadpro's powerful survey app gives estates teams a new, simple and faster way to survey their entire site.

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Document Survey Data

By using our mobile app, surveyors can complete condition surveys of whole rooms and buildings quickly. This information is then stored in the cloud ready to import into the Quadpro desktop system or elsewhere for analysis. All repair costs are based upon the pre-determined Schedule of Rates located in each system. 

Quadpro can then be used to manage your planned maintenance program allowing expenditure smoothing and linking to maintenance projects as works proceed over time.


Analysis Feature

Our analysis feature provides a useful breakdown of your planned maintenance costs based upon the survey information gathered.

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Data Link

As part of each major survey, we undertake the data import process which integrates this collected data with your Quadpro system.

All of this information can then be viewed in conjunction with existing site data.

Collating Data

Set Spending and Contract Limits

Set Financial Spend limits on each supplier/contractor to further control how your finances are handled. This feature ties in with the Works Orders and Budgets modules where you can see how where each transaction goes.

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