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Quadpro User Benefits

Many different types of staff use Quadpro, check out our user benefits section to find out how our system can help each user and improve the efficiency and functionality of your estate management process.

The Building User

Submitting a Job Request

A building user would say, “make it easy to request a repair and then keep me informed of what’s happening”

Quadpro enables the addition of requests complete with a sketch or photo from your smartphone/tablet and PC via a quick and easy web interface or app.

Quadpro provides email updates, and you can request list reviews of progress direct to the building user.

​In only a few minutes, staff can submit their issues directly to the operatives Jobs list.

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User Experience

Our detailed list entry system ensures that precise information can be entered to help operatives complete their work safely, quickly, and efficiently.

All aspects, ranging from the type of issue to location and safety risks, can be entered in one dialog window and received directly by the maintenance team at your sites.

Helping the Operative

These can also be assigned to different team members depending on their expertise.

Using unique Quadpro system data, all Site, Building and Space records (including Building Plans) can be accessed to help staff identify their location much easier.

Startup Development Team

Maintenance Operative

Assisting Operatives with their Work

An operative would say “provide me with the information to do the repair and don't give me extra paperwork to fill in”.

Quadpro enables jobs to be allocated and sent to operatives by email and online. Operatives
can also access risk and hazard information.

Quadpro allows operatives to report jobs complete and time taken for the task and respond directly to the system with no paperwork.

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Enhance Productivity

To allow operatives to be more productive and to save them from filling out numerous risk assessments and safety forms when responding to a request, Quadpro includes the following aspects:

Easier Workload Management

  • Pre determined risk markers for all spaces which are reflected on all job requests.

  • A site specific list of all risks can be uploaded to Quadpro and selected when necessary – so your operatives don’t have to!

  • Direct emails can greatly assist your operatives. The emails are created straight away once a Job Request has been submitted by a member of staff.​

  • When the request is viewed in the Quadpro system, operatives can view the present or potential risks by checking the references and risks chosen from the pre defined list.​

  • Operatives can receive Job Requests via the Quadpro web portal on their Mobile

Startup Development Team

Estates Management

Assisting the Estates Management Team

An estates manager wants “easy access to information and reports and to be able to analyse the information to see the performance and future needs of the Estate and team”

Quadpro is a useful management tool which provides easy access to estates information and documents with one click on a building hotspot.

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Quadpro has modules for Job Requests, Works Orders and budgets, H&S compliance, Schedule of rates, planned maintenance future needs and projects; all with simple reporting and the ability to download information to excel for more in-depth analysis

Quadpro has the ability to export all information relating to Job Requests, Work Orders, Budgets, and many other features.

If the estates manager would like to see how productive the maintenance team are, all they need to do is select the data they want ( i.e Job Requests) and choose print. This data will be exported to a specified excel report.

Data & Analysis Reporting

Quadpro Dashboards are powerful modules to add to your data review process. They allow you to view very specific data as often as you need to without the need to export individual data modules.​

These can be viewed daily by the simple click of a button from the Quadpro home screen , allowing members of staff to gather useful information, fast.


Chief Executive

Assisting the Chief Executive

The Chief Executive says ”Make sure you keep within your budgets and that we are compliant with H&S so we don’t get sued”

Quadpro enables the control and planning of annual budgets for any site.

Quadpro Compliance is an integrated module of the system where you are able to keep track of each building’s safety compliance,

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In a few simple steps, budgets can be set up to cover select categories of your estates – and help you stay within your limits to ensure that your team doesn’t go overboard. Budgets are set up yearly, and previous budgets will be archived, and are easy to view.

Main Quadpro Budgets allow you strict control over the funds you have allocated for each department. As seen in the image here, you can see how much you have after each expense.​

Sub Budgets can be created as linked expenses to each main budget.

Compliance Management

Green – Compliant

Amber – Renewal is due

Red – Compliance renewal is overdue

Monitoring these markers makes sure that your buildings are in check and aren’t falling behind which can cost you financially in the long run.


Integrated Document Management

To help keep track of each building’s compliance, Quadpro helps you manage safety certificates easily through dedicated documents tabs.


Easy to use Surveying Aid

The surveyor would say "Help me to complete this survey quickly correctly and efficiently".

Roof Shingles
Quadpro App IMG.png

Mobile Surveying

Quadpro's Survey App offers a simple to use documentation tool for the site and building surveyors. This will help to track and address spot fixes whilst preparing cost reports for the future management of your properties.

Import and Link to your Data

To produce detailed reports on the long term cost management of your properties, data can be imported to the main Quadpro system and analyis reports produced to help you prepare financially.

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