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Five Reasons to Integrate Mobile Devices into your Ticketing System

We believe that using mobile devices to keep on top of your Job Requests and manage operative workloads is a crucial way to improve performance, streamline workloads and save time and money. Benefits listed below:

1 – Optimise Workload Management

Operatives will need to return to their office multiple times during the day to update tickets manually and receive new ones. Utilising mobile devices to view workloads enables operatives to know what they need to be working on while on the go and even update tickets instantly from wherever they are.

Managers can also assign and manage their teams directly from their mobile devices whilst on site.

2 – On the Go Reporting

Easy access to quick stats is a key component of any manager’s daily task, knowing exactly what is going on in their team helps improve efficiency. Quick stats provide a detailed insight on the status of jobs, which helps identify where there are problems that can then be addressed or prevented.

3 – Communication

Communication is key in every working environment and having better communication leads to a more efficient team. Providing operatives with a mobile device allows them to manage their own workload, and keep team members and management updated on the progress of Job Requests across your organisation.

4 – Reduce time spent in the office

Operatives have a busy schedule which can often be disrupted due to emergency works or other unforeseen factors. Being able to view and action Job Requests from their mobile device offers a greater capability for knowing what you need to work on, what materials you need, and where you need to be as opposed to constantly return to the office for updates and the next Job Request.

5 – Paperless!

We cannot stress the benefits of going paperless can be for your organisation. It can save time and reduce your impact on the environment.

Quadpro’s V5 Web Portal provides all the benefits listed. The saving in time and resources leads to improved productivity and reduced costs.

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