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H&S Compliance is Vital – Quadpro Can Help

Assets are an integral part of any organisation’s facilities, whether it be the heating system, fire alarms or even the refrigerators in your canteen areas. Keeping on top of their servicing, safety checks and maintenance can lead to cost savings, good compliance management and avoid any unwanted accidents.

Planning Ahead:

Planning in advance for asset servicing is crucial in not only ensuring your assets are working properly, but can protect against unexpected and costly repairs and also help prepare you for replacements. Setting up maintenance profiles for each asset leads to better resource utilisation as operatives can plan workload more efficiently

Utilising Quadpro’s Asset Module, you can enter all important information about the asset (including specification, power requirements, servicing needs and warranty documents). This information in turn can be used to help populate a short or long-term servicing and safety checks strategy for each asset, a maintenance profile.

Compliance Related:

Compliance is a vital aspect of estates management, and ensuring your assets are safe and compliant with relevant legislation can be a monumental task. Assets such as fire alarms, sprinklers, boilers and emergency lighting are all typically tested frequently and require important documentation to prove they are working and are safe.

Utilising Quadpro’s automatic asset maintenance feature, you can set up dedicated servicing, checks or replacements in a few simple steps.

These records will then appear as Job tickets in advance of the scheduled task ready for you to delegate to the appropriate operative or contractor – helping you keep your assets safe for use, avoid falling behind and any unexpected costs. Quadpro Traffic Light alerts are a simple way to see the compliance status of assets and whole buildings at a glance you can identify assets that are upcoming for a compliance check, any that are overdue a check, and those that are in compliance.

Workload Management:

Knowing in advance the checks required, allows you to efficiently plan and allocated important tasks to ensure they are completed on time and any issues discovered can be repaired or replacements ordered. This aids operatives by making sure they can prepare for these tasks, reduce disruption caused by downtime and keep assets from becoming overdue for that important service check.

Quadpro can assist with Workload management through the Web Portal’s resource calendar, allowing operatives to view a list of their daily and weekly tasks as well as enabling managers to assign and track progress of Job Requests.

Using the Quadpro Forms module the whole process can be paperless with operatives filling in tailored digital checklists or forms whilst on site and the system receiving them to up date the asset records automatically and generate job tickets for any repairs required.

These are just three of the many important reasons of planning ahead for the servicing, repairs and replacement of your assets.

Find out more on how you can utilise our Asset Module to keep on top of your assets and streamline your estates management procedures.

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