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Tracking and Improving Maintenance Team Performance

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Team performance can be affected by a variety of factors, understanding them can help managers iron out any process wrinkles and improve performance, in turn producing better results and reducing any back logs in your workload.

Scheduling and Managing Workloads:

Knowing what tasks are required and when your team are working on them is an important factor as it can help you schedule work for the weeks ahead and assign tasks across your team depending on trade skillset, priority and location. Utilising Quadpro’s web portal with its unlimited access license, managers and team leaders can assess current outstanding Job Requests and assign them using the resource calendar and simple “drag and drop” to the relevant operative. These jobs will then be automatically placed into the assigned operative’s workload ready for the scheduled work time.

Quadpro Web Portal Resource Calendar where Managers and Team Leaders can assign and coordinate tickets, teams and operatives.

An Operative's Workload view displaying their assigned Job Requests. This area of the system can be accessed via desktop or mobile.

Tracking Performance:

Keeping track of when and how Job Requests are raised and completed can be a complicated task without the correct information at hand. Within our Job Requests Dashboard and Teamview Portal, managers can see operative “on time” completion statistics related to job priority, location trends, average completion times and Job status for “On hold” and “Materials on order” . With this information, Managers can reallocate resources where needed, and plan for future works.

Team View statistics screen that can be displayed on breakroom screens for the team to view.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback can be an important tool in the performance management arsenal. Having good feedback encourages high team performance whereas critical feedback offers you opportunities to learn lessons, correct mistakes and resolve issues before they escalate. Within Quadpro, an email asking for feedback is sent out to every caller upon completion of a Job and feedback is instantly recorded in the system for analysis.

All users who create a ticket will receive a request for feedback upon completion of their ticket. This data is then stored in the system for assessment if required.

These are just a few key examples of how Quadpro can help with your estates management strategies and the improvement of operative, team and department performance.

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