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Why you should use Data Reporting in Estates Management

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Lots of data can be overwhelming but if presented in simple formats, it can very helpful.

We have outlined below why you should use data in your estates management procedures:

1 – Identify Problem Areas or Potential Future Hazards.

Over 6 months, you will collate several job requests for a specific asset. By collecting the job requests digitally, you can determine the cause and decide whether it's better to keep repairing the asset or replace the asset before the expiry date.

Image displaying Building & Asset markers which are in compliance, approaching review or not compliant.

Image of the Job Request dashboard displaying jobs by selected site/building.

2 – Monitor Trends

Reports can provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis of issues, projects, and bottlenecks in your team. Identifying these trends early, allow you to act quickly and prevent future problems from occurring.

Web Portal Report - One pie chart showing job requests categorised by their priority, the second chart shows the number of job requests that were late or on time.

3 – Cost Saving & Budget Planning

Knowing how much you have spent is key to preparing your budgets for each financial year. In tandem with planned maintenance and future project reporting, our financial data reports offer a clear view on where funds will be required in the coming year and help you allocate finances strategically.

Image showing the budget report display in the Budget Module

4 – Easier Overall Management

Quadpro collects customer feedback using a 5-star rating, utilising this data allows you to measure the performance of your team.

This feedback also takes into account how long the operative took to finish their task and allows the client to express their satisfaction. Utilising this type of data report helps you determine the productivity of your teams and provides you with the capability for performance reviews and other personnel uses.

View of the feedback request screen users are sent after completion of their ticket.

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