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Manage the moving in and moving out processes of your property with one easy to use app.

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Access the QInventory App via the Play Store.

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Easy to Use Inventory Management

If you have a large property portfolio with a number of individual occupants,  it can often be a pain to keep track of the condition of the property, furniture and other items.

With QInventory, you can set up move in/move out checklists in just a few minutes

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Create templates for each record

Setting up templates for each property allows you to manage each check in or check out with ease. You are then able to repeat this process each time a new occupant is needed for that property.

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Inventory and Meter Readings

Keep track of your inventory items - ranging from furniture and appliances to the state of the building fabric itself. You can also record gas, electric and water readings.

Collating Data

Download Reports

Upon completion, a PDF report is sent to the occupant or staff member dealing with the process.

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