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Job Request Print Form

New Layout notes for v5.09.04

With version 5.09.04 comes a number of changes and additions - most notably with the Job Request Print Form. This page outlines those features.

An option to download an example of the print form can be found below the list.

One-Page Form

The Job Request print out is now a one-page form, utilising a simpler format to detail information of the Job Request.

Increased Size

The box size for the Action Required and Action Taken fields in the desktop system has been increased to 100px offering more space to the user.

Tidier Format

A function has been created which cleans and formats the entered text in the action taken and action required fields on the Web Portal.

Text Limit Alert

A checker has been added to the desktop client and web portal which identifies how many lines of text have been entered into the action required and action taken fields. If the user exceeds this (Action Required limit is 19 lines and Action Taken is 9 Lines), a warning alert is triggered advising them to reduce the number of lines.

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