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Quadpro Updates

Quadpro V5.16 Update July 2022


Client Fixes:

  • General bug fixes

  • Sage Export Fix - Existing works orders were appearing in the export file. This has now been fixed in the update to avoid future occurrences.

  • Service Provider Area - We have revamped and improved the service provider area on Quadpro to provide a better user experience.

  • Web User Management Area - The web user accounts have been relocated to their own separate location on the system to provide quicker access.

Web Portal Fixes:

  • General bug fixes

  • Error messages have been tidied up.

  • The job list is now ordered by call ref in descending order by default. (i.e newest ticket first)

  • The job list can be ordered by priority in ascending order.

  • User Interface improvements and updates

  • Job list- date columns have been reformatted which allows the column to sort correctly.

New Modules:

  • Quadpro Stock

  • Quadpro Multi - Operative

  • Quadpro Invoice Module

Download Brochures here -

Quadpro Module Information

Quadpro V5.11 Update 08/12/2021

  • Quadpro Forms added (New Additional Module) along with relevant Compliance configurations.

  • The Quadpro User Management area has been updated to provide a better interface. All relative user information is now stored in one tab per user as opposed to multiple tabs.

  • Where a photo is uploaded to a Job Request, a tickbox now denotes this in the main list.


  • Web Portal password policy has been updated and made more secure.

  • Stat marker for number of outstanding Job Requests now visible on the Web Portal.

  • Markers highlighting asset related Job Requests on the Web Portal.

  • New formatting applied to the Web Portal.

  • Action required field on the web portal can be updated until it is assigned to an operative.

  • Search field added to assets register.

  • Inside budgets there is now an unallocated field which details funds not yet assigned to a sub budget.

  • General bug fixes related to user experience.

Quadpro V5.09.04 Update 06/08/2021

  • Main Budget Fix: Ensures that the main budget is always displayed correctly when viewing sub budgets.

  • Works Order Sub Budget Fix: The filtering of a sub budget field has now been fixed when selecting from inside a Works Order.

  • The Team View & Managers stats now only apply to outstanding Job Requests.

  • Fixes have been applied to the Job Request print form along with a new and updated print layout. Please visit Print Form Update

  • Budgets that were cloned were not bringing over entered information. This has now been resolved to include all information entered.

  • Satisfaction reminder email - If a user has not submitted feedback they are reminded after two days of no activity.

  • A new filter has been added on the home screen allowing users to search for a specific Works Order ID number.

  • All Service Provider users can now be assigned web access, previously, previously this feature was only available to Job Request Originators.

  • Email filter error where users were unable to log in or receive emails due to this setting.

  • Password Security - To ensure a secure system, and peace of mind for IT departments, we have expanded security on our password areas. Passwords that are weak, will not be permitted use in Quadpro and a complex alternative will be required.

  • A loading dialog has been added to the desktop system when users log in.

  • Bug Fixes to improve user experience

Quadpro V5.09 Update 12/01/2021

      Web Portal - Manager Display

  • The dashboard page is now defaulted to show the latest 500 records To assist with the loading of pages on a variety of devices, we have limited the default number of records shown. This will improve the user experience when navigating through their job requests on mobile and desktop devices.

  • All records can be viewed by clicking the 'Show All' link, this link is not available in the mobile view. This change ties in with the above feature and offers Manager users the option to choose to see all records when viewing the portal on a desktop or laptop.

  • Sort by overdue filter has been added. For quick and easy identification of overdue Job Requests, Manager users can view overdue records in their overdue order at a click of a button.

  • Overdue and due today colour flags have been added. For assistance and easier identification, we have added red and amber flags to the Job Request record. 

       - Red = Overdue

       - Amber = Due Today

  • Priority colour has been applied to the fault description. We have added a priority colour to all descriptions that come under the top 3 priority statuses according to their order in the list.

      - Red = Order 1

      - Blue = Order 2

      - Green = Order 3

       Web Portal - Home Display

  • Unaccompanied Access field can be turned off for Web Portal and Desktop system. The unaccompanied access field can be turned on or off depending on your requirements. This can be actioned via the Quadpro desktop preferences.

  • Job Requests created from an asset now display the asset name and asset maintenance ID. Job Requests created from the Asset Maintenance module now include the asset details along with the asset maintenance id.

      Desktop System:

  • Unaccompanied Access field can be turned off for Web Portal and Desktop system. The unaccompanied access field can be turned on or off depending on your requirements. This can be actioned via the Quadpro desktop preferences.

  • Job Request form now displays the Action Taken drop down menu. When the action taken field is updated on the web portal this will now reflect on the desktop client record.

  • Job Request printing has been improved. If the action required or action taken field is more then 6 lines, an additional page will be printed displaying the full text entered

  • Job Request list columns have been amended. We have reordered the Job Request list fields to prioritise the most relevant fields.

  • Job Request and Work Order print reports have been improved. We have improved the Quadpro Job Request and Work Order/Work Order payment print reports. These now produce enhanced displays for each report.


Quadpro V5.08 Update 25/11/2020


  • Credit Payments can now be added after a Works Order is marked as completed.

  • Job Request print form now adjusts to print 1 or 2 pages depending on the amount of content added.

  • Compliance categories can now be turned on or off dependent on relevance.

       Desktop/ Web Portal Feature:

  • Photos uploaded on the Web Portal will now automatically import to the Job Request's folder.

Quadpro V5.07 Update 03/11/2020

       Desktop/Web Portal:

  • Password functionality on the client and web has been improved to allow longer and complex passwords to be used.


  • If a photograph is present with a Job Request, a small photograph icon will display on the record to make the user aware.

  • To speed up the process of completing Works Orders, when users add final payment, this automatically ticks the completed check box.

  • We added this feature to assist users when writing up large sections of text so information can be easier to read before saving/viewing.

       Web Portal Feature:

  • Requesters can now upload photos with their Job Requests and Manager, Operatives and Team Leaders can upload images where necessary.

Quadpro V5.06 Update 19/10/2020


  • Useable Space check box added to space records. This check box allows users to mark space is useable and the measurements from these records will then make up the totals for the useable area.

  • Users reported an error where columns titles were not appearing for the spaces tab in buildings, this has now been fixed to display correctly.

  • Net Internal Area Recalculate Button. This button allows you to update and then calculate the Net Internal Area of each building. NIA gathers all measurements under the space analysis tab.

  • Useable Spaces, Useable Area and Useable Net Internal Area are calculated based upon space data for that building.

  • Space Analysis fields calculate automatically. Useable Spaces, Useable Area, and Useable Net Internal Area are calculated based upon space data for that building.

  • Useable Area field added to Building Record. This field automatically calculates the number of useable area to display on each building record.


Quadpro V5.05 Update 06/10/2020

      Web Portal/Desktop:

  • Users can now upload images with their Job Request from any mobile or desktop device. All users can upload images with their Job Request and Maintenance side users can also upload images to go with the Job Request they are assigned to.

  • Archive Job Request/Works Orders Priorities. Priorities can now be archived for Works Order and Job Requests.



  • Works Order > Estimates / Payments. If the final payment is £0, the Total Actual Costs reverts to Total Estimates Value. Now fixed - Total Actual Costs does not revert to (TEV) if the final payment is £0.


  • Job Request delete confirmation. The deletion process has been updated to inform the user that this action cannot be reversed.


  • Filters Resetting when exiting a record. Lists now do not lose the chosen filter when exiting a record.


  • Create multiple Asset Maintenance records. On the Asset Register list, the Maintenance button has been fixed. You can now create multiple asset maintenance records for any number of assets.


  • Financial year assignment error. Users reported an error where they were not getting the same financial year when creating sub budgets. This has now been fixed, with the correct year being assigned.



  • Archive Job Request/Works Orders Priorities. Priorities can now be archived for Works Order and Job Requests should they not be needed.


  • Works Order Export. Works Order export fixed, additional columns added to show final payments.

  • Works Order Export. Works Order export fixed, additional columns added to show final payments.


  • Asset record dropdown lists. Asset record now includes Compliance Type drop-down, Asset Maintenance list, compliance drop down in filter. Compliance Type glossary.


  • Create Works Orders from Projects. Projects now include the option to set up Works Orders and directly link them.


  • Asset Import Issue. Users were experiencing an issue where they could not import assets. This has now been reconfigured to accept records along with new asset categories.


  • Archive Works Orders. Works Order archive module. This feature allows systems to be less heavy on memory and improve performance by removing and archiving data.


  • Budget Recalculate button. Budget recalculate button now includes estimates in the committed costs.

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