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Supplier & Contractor Management

Organisations work with dozens - sometimes hundreds of different contractors each week. Managing them can be an arduous task , which is why we created a module to focus on them.


Contact Details

Store and Manage information on each company and find them easily through the contacts module.

Approvals & Spending Limits

If your organisation is educational or security-based, knowing you can trust who you work with is highly important. Set approvals such as DBS or Health and Safety for each contractor/supplier who comes to your sites. Spending limits can also be put in place to ensure further control and budget management.


Job Request Web Portal Data View

Contractors and Suppliers you work with can be assigned tickets directly to their account. They can then action and update you on their progress.


The Contractor and Suppliers module even has its own dashboard - so you can clearly see what approvals are due for renewal as well as easily manage records.

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