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Asset Management Module

Assets form an integral part of your organisation, whether it is your air conditioning system, lifts or boilers, Quadpro can help you manage them all. Having an up-to-date and organised asset register helps you look after and manage your assets long-term safety and servicing requirements.

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Detailed Asset Register

Store all of your assets information in one easy-to-access register. Important details on every aspect of each asset can be found in individual asset records.

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Short & Long Term Maintenance

Keep a firm eye on the short and long term maintenance requirements of your assets. Utilising our Automatic Job Requests, you can create, manage and log servicing data which is key in the smooth running of your assets.

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Compliance Management

Assets often come with a range of safety requirements which can be a headache to manage. Utilising Quadpro's handy compliance module, you can mark assets as compliance-related to then create tailored maintenance profiles for ensuring they are kept in compliance with regulations.

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