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Data Reporting

Data Reporting is an often under appreciated factor in estates management. Knowing how your operatives are performing and where frequent incidents occur help you plan ahead.


Live - Dashboards

Quadpro's Dashboards provide a live insight into the status and outcomes of your daily tasks. Each dashboard is different and provides in depth information such as costs, tickets by building, and supplier/ contractor approvals.

Exoirt Excel.PNG

Export to Excel Function

Our most simple data reporting feature is the option to export data to an excel workbook. With this option, information can be quickly exported and turned into filterable tables.


Job Request Web Portal Data View

The Quadpro Job Request Web Portal utilises data reports for managers where they can see the status of all outstanding records. This information can be further broken down by categories of Job Types, Priority, Operative, Location, and more.


Team View

Display a Live Status report of your Job Requests on the break room TV! Operatives can view information on their next Job, and what is urgent through the Team View feature.

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