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Job Request Ticketing System

Recieve, Schedule, Track and Manage every Job Request via our system.

Ticket Management

With Quadpro's Ticketing System, all Job Request can be managed via one easy to use module.

  • Assign to the relevant team/operative

  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile Compatibility

  • Email Updates and Notifications

  • Resource Scheduler

  • Feedback Feature

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Easy to Use

Users Log in and can create their Job Request straight away. All they need to do is choose their location and type of Job Request from the dropdown menu, then complete the information required fields and press send! It is that simple!

As soon as they press submit, the system will notify you and your team allowing you to assess and action as needed.


Resource Scheduler

All Job Requests arrive unassigned as they can often require a trade speciality or even external contractor. Using the Resouce Scheduler you can drag and drop Job Requests on to the required operative or team for a specific time slot.

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Mobile App

Ensure a Job Request is never missed by using our mobile app to log and track all Job Request at your Site.

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Photograph Upload Feature

The Quadpro Web Portal’s photograph upload feature is a powerful option which users can utilise to provide further information about their Job Request. Maintenance teams can also upload images in their respective areas of each Job Request.

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Quadpro can be used in a completely paperless format helping you save on costs and reduce your footprint on the evironment.

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