Comprehensive Estates Management Software

Saves us money

  • Manage your site’s budgets

  • Track Building and Future Asset Maintenance Cycles

  • Paperless - Good for the environment

Keeps everyone informed

  • Important email updates

  • Notify operatives of their daily tasks

  • Feedback and performance reports

Control contractors and suppliers

  • ​Manage each user you work with

  • Control spending limits

  • Manage approvals

Tracks our compliance

  • Track important compliance categories 

  • Never miss a review

  • Easy access for auditing

Improves our performance

  • Boosts productivity

  • Reduces spending

  • Schedule workloads

Instant access to plans & documents

  • Easy access for auditing

  • Organises  your data

Mobile Apps

  • Spend less time at the desk more time in the field!

  • Cost-effective

  • Improves productivity and communication

Control Costs

  • Control spending

  • Financial Alerts

  • Easy tracking on spending

Organizes the team

  • Manage operative workloads

  • Monitor operative performance

  • Easily manage and action Job Requests

How can Quadpro help you?

Many different types of staff use Quadpro, head to our user benefits section to find out how our system can help each user.

Quadpro software improves the efficiency of your operations, removes bottlenecks and provides the management oversight  you need to help you focus on your outcomes:

Complete visibility of estates information, including plans, photos, certificates, and documents.

KPI management for operatives, contractors and suppliers.

Management of multiple estates budgets with commitment accounting.

Ensuring compliance with H&S requirements using automated reminders and Traffic light status reporting.

On-time communication with job requestors, operatives and managers kept up to date via Apps on phones and tablets.

Comprehensive management of everything from survey, requests, works

Our Clients Manage

Over £30m of Budgets

Job Requests from over 2,600 users

Nearly £1bn in assets

Over 30,000 Works Order a year

We are on hand!

All Quadpro Systems come with assistance from the Quadpro Helpdesk. The Quadpro Helpdesk provides a library of information about the system which users can access at anytime.


We are on hand Monday to Friday (9am – 530pm) to assist with any issues you may encounter and provide guidance to help keep you moving with the system.

Manage your Workload on the Go

Maintenance Departments have thecapability of managing Job Requests from their mobile device.

Log, update and Complete Job Requests from your phone or tablet in just a few easy steps. This will save you from having to write it all on paper – then head back to your desk to complete the work.

See the Bigger Picture

Know whats going on every day with simple reports highlighting what has been completed and what is outstanding.

Keep an eye on Operative performance with time management and scheduling resources. Store and

view your Building Plans with easy accessible folders.

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