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Quadpro Facilities Management System

At Quadpro, simply selling products has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time and effort to ensure our software provides a comprehensive estates management system to help organisations perform at the highest level possible. With our extensive experience and your satisfaction as our number one priority, rest assured your needs will always be met here. Read below to learn more.


Quadpro Platforms

Quadpro has three platforms. Desktop, Web/Mobile and the Quadpro Survey App. Click on a category below to view further information.

Desktop Management System

The Quadpro Desktop System is a useful tool in managing your estate. Manage your property portfolio, plan routine asset maintenance and track your finances through our budget module.

Mobile/Web Ticketing System

For Management, Operatives and Building Users, our web portal and mobile platforms work perfectly alongside the main Quadpro system , saving you time and money.  Manage and Schedule Job Requests, update your workload on the go and report an issue from any web based device.

Survey App

The Quadpro Survey App is designed to make the process of capturing, managing and preparing a long term planned maintenance programme for your site much more efficient. By entering your sites’ data directly into the App, it will be linked to your desktop Quadpro system and will avoid the need for manual re-entry.


How Quadpro Streamlines Your Estates Solution

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Manage Workloads On The Go

Maintenance Departments have the capability of managing Job Requests from their mobile device.

Log, update, and Complete Job Requests from your phone or tablet in just a few easy steps. This will save you from having to write it all on paper – then head back to your desk to complete the work.

See The Bigger Picture

Know what's going on every day with simple reports highlighting what has been completed and what is outstanding.
Keep an eye on Operative performance with time management and scheduling resources. Store and
view your Building Plans with easy accessible folders.

Compliance Tracking

Ensuring compliance with H&S requirements using automated reminders and Traffic light status reporting for Assets and Property. Track all of the Contractors and Suppliers you work with via Supplier Approval documents.


Main System Features

Paperless Job Ticketing System

Mobile Device and Desktop Access

Compliance Monitoring

Planned Maintenance for Assets and Property

Document Control

Operative Management

Budget Control

Work Scheduler

Data Reports

Project Management

Elements and Spot Fix Cost Planning

Supplier and Contractor Approval/ Tracking

Works Orders

Cloud Hosting

Surveying Module

Email Updates and Notifications


Estates Management Made Simple

Data Cloud

Cloud Hosting

Safe and Secure

Fixing a Door

Job Ticketing System

Use Mobile and Desktop devices to create, allocate and track repairs needed

Works Orders and Budgeting

Track Budgets, Invoices and Payments

Budget Concept Budget text on calculator

Property Management and Surveying

Long Term Property Management and Asset management

School Building

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